November 2019

What an exciting second term we have had, so far. We have had many visitors come to share some important messages with us. Mrs Sparks from the Fire Service taught us about how firefighters keep themselves safe, and also what they keep in their fire engines. We also learnt what we need to do should we need to call the fire brigade. Mrs Sparks brought in some fire fighting clothes for us to try on. We had lots of fun role-playing in our garden.

The Phonics Fairy has left us many exciting deliveries, including jelly, Whiffy Wilson and a particularly unhealthy lunchbox! Do not worry though, as we have been very busy writing back to her with some healthy suggestions!

As you may be aware, we have some new neighbours coming soon! Churchward School is currently being built and they recently had a delivery of 5 large planters. We had the honour of painting and decorating them, we couldn't believe it! We were so happy to help and cannot wait to see them be put into their school grounds.