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William Morris Primary School - Our Curriculum


Our Local Area

Swindon is now one of the fastest growing towns in Europe with a diverse industrial heritage which continues today in its engineering and car manufacturing factories, as well as major companies in insurance, banking and building societies; pharmaceuticals and food distribution. Tourism has become a major industry. To continue this we need to develop highly skilled, innovative and creative young people; enthusing them to create a better, brighter future, for themselves, their town and their community.

We believe that education, in a context of high expectations can create that for all our children. We want our children to have high aspirations and outlooks for themselves. In a factory which, close to the school site, the people of Swindon helped build the Spitfire, the most famous and effective aircraft in WW2, loved by the nation and instrumental in the Battle of Britain, they broke aviation records and helped make our country great. Our children should aspire to the same goals, to surpass expectations and to reach for the skies.

Our Curriculum Principles

Our curriculum is creative, inspiring and imaginative, designed to promote collaboration, reasoning and resilience. At William Morris, learning is active and based around a hands on experience. We utilise high quality play and have a dynamic approach to teaching and learning, setting creative questions for pupils to explore. We plan WOW sessions for each topic to engage the children’s curiosity and imagination, and allow the children of William Morris to become more fully involved and excited about learning. Alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum, we plan for children’s personal development through life skills, trips, visits and outdoor learning. We have an excellent space for developing this curriculum in our new building and grounds, with enthusiastic, outstanding staff.

The Use of our Locality to Enhance Learning

Utilising our school site and surrounding areas is important in developing our school curriculum.  We encourage links with local businesses, the Tadpole Garden Village Development and Great Western Academy. William Morris aims to become the focal point of the community, opening the school for external lettings. We are extremely lucky to have such beautiful, natural environmental features within close proximity, such as Mouldon Hill Country Park and the Swindon and Cricklade Railway. We recognise the potential of these places as a valuable teaching resource, across the curriculum, enhancing the opportunities and ways of learning for our children. 

The Early Years Foundation Stage 

We believe that in Early Years, play underpins children’s learning and development. In Nursery and Reception, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, building on the foundations laid throughout their prior experiences, and preparing children for their transitions into Reception and Year 1. For children moving into Year 1, we will ensure the children are equipped ready to progress on to the National Curriculum.

Our philosophy is that by nurturing children into inquisitive thinkers and independent resilient learners, it will enable them to grow and develop, and fulfil their potential. We have an environment which promotes learning both indoors and out, in which children feel safe and secure. Through exploration and discovery, children make sense of the world around them and develop emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. Experienced and dedicated staff support the children by having a well-planned daily routine which includes opportunities for them to work independently or with others, in both child-initiated and adult directed play and learning situations. Staff continuously observe the children, noticing their interests, and extend their learning through challenging and skillful questioning. 

Each year as William Morris Primary School welcomes a new intake of Nursery and Reception children, we recognise that the creation of strong parent partnership links is vital, to establish positive relationships for the benefit of children, parents and the school. We arrange home visits in the Summer term for every child starting school to give the opportunity to meet the children and their parents on a 1:1 basis to gain knowledge about each child’s individual interests and needs. We believe that offering an induction programme to school, helps children to settle and make the most of their school experience. For those children entering Nursery and Reception, we offer stay and play sessions in the June/July prior to children starting school in September; informative information sessions; and a staggered entry into school over a short period of time. All Nursery and Reception children will be in school full-time by the end of September. A baseline assessment will be completed by October half term, so that staff can personalise the child’s learning experiences and measure progress accurately.

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