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Hot meals - Please order your child's lunches via Parent Pay.

Please book at least a week in advance.

To download a copy of our menu, please click here.








We aim to provide a healthy, balanced, tasty menu across a three week cycle which encourages children to try new dishes and flavours. We follow the guidelines from ‘The School Food Standard’ and measure ingredients to ensure that the children are eating a healthy diet.

Where possible, we use Red Tractor products which are part of the Farm to Fork strategy, using British farms to source a high standard of crops and animal welfare.

Also, where possible, we use organic produce and food which meet the ‘Food For Life’ standard.

We work hard to plan and prepare meals that children like, using methods to make them high in nutritional value e.g.

  • we keep the skin on fries;

  • we do not add sugar or salt to pizza dough;

  • there are no fryers in our kitchen: we oven bake instead.

We cater for all children including those with specific dietary requirements and I am happy to communicate with parents who have any questions or want to discuss how the school menu can be adapted to cater for those who have allergies.

We have proudly maintained our five star rating from Environmental Health.


Mrs Claire Horton
Catering Manager

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