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School Council


The school councillors are voted for by their peers at the start of the school year. Mr Knight meets with the school council every few weeks to discuss ideas to make our school even better. In every meeting, he asks the representatives to take a question back to their class to gather everyone’s ideas to feedback in the next meeting. In their role, the councillors have the opportunity to develop their confidence to talk in front of others and take part in discussions.



The councillors were given the statement ‘The best thing about my class is…’

Here are some of the feedback that was shared:

-how nice the teachers are.

-all the fun we have learning new stuff.

-moving places to work with new people.

-new class mates.

-exploding volcanoes!

-playing outside in the garden.

-friends and teachers.

-everyone spreading kindness.

-how supported everyone is.

- we've dressed up as rock stars!

-Mr Mansi’s lunch time activities.

-classroom jobs.

-birthday leaves.

-we went on a Stonehenge trip.

-getting to spend time with new friends.

-playing with each other.

-colouring and calm down.

-learning about being a scientist.

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