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Life Skills

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At William Morris alongside the Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum, we plan for children’s personal development through our Life Skills curriculum.  

This curriculum has been personalised to our community and children and is based around skills & achievements, experiences and behaviours. Life Skills support our children to become all round citizen who will be growing up in a world of change.  

Some of these aspects are taught within general day to day teaching and learning, and some are allocated to particular year groups. 

Example are:   

  • Developing independence and resilience 

  • Learning a musical instrument 

  • Fab Finished sessions - to share learning and develop public speaking skills 

  • Cooking provision – culminating Year 6 pupils cooking a 3 course meal for their parents 

  • Visiting a museum, art gallery and theatre 





Our curriculum is fun and engaging with learning progressing across topics and year groups. Interesting topics are set for each term with an open-ended Rainbow Topic each year. Rainbow topics are based around real life experience, utilising teamwork and encouraging collaboration. Rainbow topics are planned based on the needs and interests of the individual class and result in an exciting outcome, often shared with parents.  


Philosophy for Children (P4C) 

P4C is a philosophical approach to learning and teaching that enables students to think with others and to think for themselves. 

P4C helps children explore the big ideas that arise in all areas of education and life experience. P4C uses philosophical dialogue and enquiry to help learners to think, to speak, to listen, to learn and to live together more effectively.  

P4C encompasses the 4 Cs: 

  • Caring thinking 

  • Collaboratively thinking 

  • Critical thinking 

  • Creative thinking 

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